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to any it may concern.  this is the hardest time i have ever gone through in my life.  long story short, it's all my fault too.  to those out there who have a special someone take a life lesson from me.  wake the fuck up and open your eyes.  i have always had the most amazing person in the world standing by my side loving me.  how do i react to this?  like a dumbass,  just as my father did.  it was fine and then i let it go and started doing less with my family and being less involved with everything.  my wife has been nothing but wonderful in every way.  she stood beside me willing to help with anything she could and i acted like it was nothing when in reality it was everything in the world.  she is the most beautiful, intelligent, strong willed, kind hearted person i have ever had the honor of knowing.  she is an inspiration and can brighten a dark room with just her smile.  her presence makes everyone around her a better person without her even trying.  in short, she is perfect.  once i finally woke up i wondered if it was too  late.  i have done nothing right up until 7 months ago and let me tell you now, that is unacceptable.  i need her and the kids in my life each and every day and it should have always been like that.  i should have always known that, and i did but never acted like it.  now with my eyes wide open i wonder if my damage has been to much.  is there another chance to make things right? is it ever to late to make things right?  all i can do is hope and pray it's going to be okay.  my advice to those out there who are in a relationship.  WAKE THE FUCK UP.  your with them for a reason and both sides should do equal parts to make it work, to make it grow and to make it strong.  do not ever take them for granted or turn down anything they have to give.  learn from what i have done wrong.  drop the fucking controller, roll your ass out from behind the monitor, put the fucking beer down and wake your ass up!  whatever fits you of course.  always be there for them and let them know everyday what they mean to you.  if you do this then you will lead a happy, love filled life and everything in the world will go your way.  every day you wake with them could and should be the greatest day in your lives.  each day is a gift.  make the most of it.  live, learn, grow, love.
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like hell i can't

now i'm gonna blog about jayoh saying i can't blog about blogging because i can...think about that one ass... and just so you know it's been double stamped...and you can't triple stamp a double stamp harry
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whoo hooo

hey look, i fuckin blogged on squeez suck it cockholes.
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Oh my god could Payton be more cute?
By the way the answer is nope.

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